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Refrigerant Disposal

In 2000 the HVACR industry in Canada, led by the Heating Refrigeration and Air conditioning institute of Canada (HRAI) established an industry funded program for the disposal of surplus ozone depleting refrigerants.

Refrigerant Services is a Collection Service Provider (CSP) for RMC. As a CSP we are responsible for the collection, documentation, testing, transfer, storage and eventual shipment to a designated destruction facility of all RMC acceptable refrigerants.
RMC is responsible for the destruction of the refrigerant and the regulatory and financial requirements of running the program.

We also collect all other refrigerants that do not deplete the ozone, such as HFC’s. We collect these in the same manner that we collect RMC, although we decide what can be disposed of or eventually reclaimed and returned for service.

We collect these refrigerants through our impressive network of participating wholesalers that stretch across Canada. For a list of these wholesalers or to find a wholesaler near you, please follow this link or contact us directly at (contacts page)

At many of these wholesale locations you can get a Refrigerant Services recovery cylinder on deposit for your recovery needs. Our cylinders come in the following sizes and the deposit price ranges with the size:

  • 30-LB
  • 50-LB
  • 100-LB
  • 200-LB
  • 1000-LB

Steel drums are also available for low pressure refrigerants.

All of our cylinders are provided in 150 microns of vacuum and come with a multi-fucntion dangerous goods tag for shipping.

For a list of RS participating wholesalers, please enter postal code or a city to search